The new Mines and Minerals Act brings important benefits to the economy, local communities and the country

  • The new law is good for the people. It directly addresses health and safety, environmental protection, and community development and makes performance in all of these areas a condition for obtaining and keeping a mineral rights licence.
  • The new law is good for investors. It provides security of tenure, encourages exploration by preventing companies from holding land under licence for too long without demonstrable activities, and is clear and transparent about rights and obligations.
  • The new law is good for the state. It includes tighter rules for administrators, clearer application and reporting requirements for mineral rights holders, and rebalances fiscal benefits including higher royalty rates for precious stones and precious minerals.
  • The new Mines and Minerals Act is only the first step. The new Diamond Trading Act strengthens the framework governing the trade of rough diamonds and ensures full compliance with the Kimberley Process. New artisanal mining regulations improve terms and conditions for workers and contain stronger provisions on environmental protection.

Maximising mineral wealth for the people and the country.